School Purpose Statements

The Richmond County School Vision :
Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow

The mission of the Richmond County School system
is to educate students to become

lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Daily Announcements

  Welcome back to Barton Chapel Elementary School,
                                  2014 - 2015!!

We welcome our New Principal, Dr. Carletha  Doyle!

Our new principal Dr. Doyle sends a live message for the Winning Season at Barton Chapel to all B.C.E.S. families and stakeholders.

Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

-Rita Pierson

Welcome to the opening of what promises to be a wonderful school year!  This time of the year is often filled with great anticipation of what is to come. I too am excited as I embark on my new journey as principal at Barton Chapel Elementary.

One of our main goals this year is to be intentional in our practice. We will accomplish this by building the capacity of all stakeholders. This begins with developing ownership among staff and students as meaningful decisions are made to impact teaching and learning. The staff at Barton Chapel is committed to maintaining and fostering accountability by targeting instruction, monitoring data, planning, reflecting and engaging in professional learning opportunities as we embark on our quest to make the best BETTER!

This is our season!; A season for an increased emphasis on making it happen for our students.  We plan to accomplish this by being proactive as we plan for the social, emotional, and academic success of our students.

Together, teachers, students, and parents/guardians make a strong Barton Chapel family.  Your support is appreciated as your child enters the classroom and continues their journey of growth and development throughout the year.  Let’s all commit to making the best better by putting our best foot forward with each opportunity that is availed to us to positively impact the lives of others.

Our theme for the year is “Game planning for a winning season!” Throughout this process, I look forward to teaming with each of you as we strive to make the best BETTER by exemplifying the champion that our students need!

All the best!

Dr. Carletha Doyle

We thank you for another fruitful year at Barton Chapel.

Scholars, teachers, staff, parents, Ft. Gordon, and the whole B.C. community,
thank you for your support!!

   October is a Pre-K month!.
Thank you, Mr. Brian Prince for supporting B.C. Pre-K program!

 The State Representative Mr. Brian Prince visited our Pre-K class on Oct. 7.Thank you, Mr. Prince for your support!

Title I Annual Meeting --Oct.1 at 3:30 pm in the Cafeteria.
 We like to hear from you!

 1.The Compact that you sign each year
 2.The survey you are asked to complete
 3. Barton Chapel school policy

* Please contact B.C.E.S. Parent Facilitator, Ms. Sophia Thomas @ 706-796-4955.

  We will make a miracle happen at Barton Chapel! Ms. Thomas listens to you.
we care for each child as our own! This is the Barton Chapel way -- as a whole big family--
   supported by the strong bond betwe
en school and each family! 

ATTENTION!   Title I presents...
   Let’s Make a Difference Workshop on Oct. 20 from 4:00
Babies Can’t Wait Program on Oct. 29 from 10:00 - 11:00
  Click the links for the details!

Barton Chapel E.S. invites all parents to our school whenever you have time!

B.C.E.S. is excited at the new BEGINNING for 2014-2015
 Kindergarten Social Studies:         4th Grade Science: Ecosystem
 Community Helpers                       and science class activities
  on Oct. 3, 2014                                on
Sept. 24, 2014.

   * Each child is a leader! We nurture responsibility
and initiative in each child.

  ***** A Glance at Barton Chapel ********
B.C.E.S. Morning Ritual: Drop Everything And Read!

The videos of "Bright from the Start at B.C.E.S." is coming soon!

     A school is a community, and we collaborate at Barton Chapel community!
****** ******** *******
Oct. 13 - 17 is a National School Lunch week! Watch the morning show for nutrition announcements!

A Message from Ms. Williams A Fabulous, Caring Counselor Visit College and Career Cafe! We are College and Career Ready! 2014-2015 

    October is a National Bullying Prevention Month. 

Let's Get Involved! - “The End of Bullying Begins With Me!”
 * October 22 is a Unity Day. Let's wear orange.
  B.C. E.S. presents a "Thematic Lesson - Bully Prevention" in October.
** This is a collaboration program by a guidance counselor, family facilitator, and media specialist. Click HERE for the details.

"Future is for those who are prepared." We are practicing the College & Career
Performance Index.

Congratulations to Mrs. Williams for becoming nationally certified
as a school counselor
and also licensed as a clinician!

We are proud of your professionalism! You have set an example for us to follow!

......A Message from Ms. Barnes .......The B.C.P.T.A. never stops sharing, helping, and supporting our Scholars, Teachers, and Staff! Let's Join the B.C.P.T.A.! 2014-2015  


We love Wellness Wednesday!  Zumba @ the Chapel***
  PTA News
: Join the B.C.E.S. P.T.A! 
* B.C. P.T.A. participates in the October Breast Cancer Awareness program.
Let's purchase raffle tickets!   Ask Ms. Barnes for the items on sale. They go fast, so do not wait!
  Ms. Barnes organizes a lot of fun events to support and encourage B.C. scholars, families,
teachers, and  staff throughout the year!  Our P.T.A. is NUMBER ONE!
   ** Thank you, Mrs. Barnes for leading  and supporting our P.T.A.!!
Parents, B.C. families, Teachers, and the B.C. P.T.A. President, thank you for sharing your evening
on August 26 with us. We will see you at the next P.T.A. meeting!  Let's join the B.C.E.S.-P.T.A.!

  Academic data wall: What's your STRENGTH?   What's your WEAKNESS?  What's your NEXT STEP?


...... ....... Congratulations to Mrs. Brady for a Teacher of the Year 2014-2015    
   A Teacher of the Year 2014-2015 
      Mrs. Brady!
Thank you
 for helping our students
 being a B.C.Ccmmunity Leader!

   You are NUMBER ONE!!

...... ....... Congratulations to Mrs. Rountree --- a Paraprofessional of the Year.....................
   Congratulations, Mrs. Rountree!

  A Paraprofessional Of the Year
  2014 - 2015
   *** B.C. Community, thank you for your support!

  2329 Barton Chapel Road
  Augusta, Georgia 30906
  Fax: 706-796-4774

  Race to the Independent Reader!  
What's your Reading Goal?
          STAR Reading Test              AR Quiz                  AR Book Finder       

   Selection of the Month ***** Read and Think! Apply in your life!
                          Character Word: Hospitality

Public Information

October is National Bullying Prevention Month
Join the movement! The End of Bullying Begins with Me:  that's the message during PACER's National Bullying Prevention Month.  Take a moment to read how you can "Get Involved!"


Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Richmond County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities for students.  The following persons have been designated to investigate any complaint communicated to the Board of Education alleging non-compliance of non-discrimination policies regarding student activities.

RCSS Connections

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance


A Parent Guide to Destination Math and A Parent Guide to Destination Reading are available to give insight on using the Houghton Mifflin website. The web address is http://rd.richmond.k12.ga.us/lms
Tuesday, October 21
RCSS hosts Open Enrollment Education Session at ARJ @ 3:00 PM
Wednesday, October 22
RCSS hosts Open Enrollment Education Session @ 10:00 AM
Monday, October 27
Title I Parent Facilitators' Meeting @ 9:00 AM
RCSS Title I Classroom
Title I Intervention Specialists' Meeting @ 1:00PM
RCSS Title I Classroom
RCSS hosts Open Enrollment Education Session at CCHS @ 3:30 PM
Wednesday, October 29
RCSS hosts Open Enrollment Education Session at RCTCM @ 6:00 PM

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